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There were 3 things I learned after breaking up with my band:

1. People are drawn in by the music and lights, but stay for the emotional connection you create from stage.

2. Most bands break up when members don’t get along. When conflict goes under ground and people feel misunderstood, the good times end. It doesn’t matter how good you sound. It’s that simple. 

3. Rehearsal is where you practice until you can’t do it wrong. There is no way we are going to nail a song magically the first time on stage. 

Now I’m starting a new type of band.

I’m looking for a different type of artist. Instead of guitarists and singers, I want to play with HR pros, aspiring (and current) Chief People and Chief Heart Officers, managers, and team leaders.


I want to give you space to try on new skills, experiment, explore new sides of yourself, and get it wrong a few times. Let's rock it out together.

Virtual trainings are focused on key behaviors that leaders need in a multi-generational workforce. 

Storytelling and Communication Skills
Coaching Skills to Use
With Your Teams
Emotional Intelligence
and Self-Awareness
Personal Growth

Each session is LIVE, interactive WITH you and designed to help you grow in bite size pieces. 

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What you’ll get as a member of The Band

  • A 30-minute, LIVE and wildly interactive exclusive training with me each month (you’ll get a recording if you can’t make it)

  • Live Q&A after each session

  • A mastermind mentality where we will learn from each other along the way

  • Dedicated time and space to focus on yourself and your own growth each month

  • Access to a library of micro trainings and monthly training recordings so that you can continue to practice and grow between sessions

These People skills keep you relevant

For more than a decade, I’ve helped coach and train leaders on ways to take care of their teams and themselves. As a keynote speaker on generations in the workforce, I've seen first hand the evolution of leadership expectations. I’ve traveled the country for years helping seasoned leaders understand the needs of their youngest teammates. 

Even the best seasoned leaders are scrambling to keep up. We are moving away from authoritarian (do it because I told you to) leadership models and finding that humans work much better when we collaborate, listen and make room for autonomy. That’s why I created The Band. It’s a community for you to feel safe enough to rehearse your people skills. Every month we’ll get together and practice creating emotional connection, working through conflicts, and inspiring others. 

I know you know this-- you have to practice to get better at these skills. That's what we’re here to do. We are going to practice, get into groups, try things on, feel awkward, create safety for each other, and become better leaders and communicators because we are putting in the WORK. 

Being a part of The Band means that you commit to practice, you commit to making emotionally healthy connections with others, and you commit to more self-discovery to keep things interesting. 

This experience will be unlike anything you’ve done before. It’s real. It’s intentional. It’s foundational. Oh, and it’s FUN. We’ll get better and enjoy the process each step of the way together.

Are you ready to join The Band?


We’ve got a spot saved for you right next to me.

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  • A 30-minute, LIVE training with rewatch access
  • Open Q&A afterwards
  • Exclusive micro trainings
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Join Now


Per Year

  • A 30-minute, LIVE training with rewatch access
  • Open Q&A afterwards
  • Exclusive micro trainings
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